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Designing Sacred Spaces with holistic REALTOR®, Ashley Rose

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

By, Sydni Sands

As the world grows faster and busier, having a peaceful place to call home is essential to living a healthy life, and having a wellness-focused agent is key to finding your peaceful place. Guiding this quest for tranquility is Ashley Rose, a dedicated Green Realtor deeply passionate about helping her clients find and design their sacred spaces. Serving the residents of South Florida, Ashley knows how much of an impact sustainable building practices and energy efficiency can make on the health of our homes and our future.

Your Path To Wellness

Sustainability and finding ways to live a more sustainable life are becoming increasingly important every day, however, the path to a more eco-conscious life often requires a touch of innovation and creativity. Ashley understands exactly this as she goes above and beyond for each of her clients combining her knowledge of eco-friendly real estate and design with all of her deep spiritual practices. What truly sets her apart is her unique blend of talents.

As a Biophilic/Feng Shui interior designer and a Reiki Master, she channels her skills to craft a home-buying or selling journey that transcends the ordinary.

When a client buys a new home, Ashley infuses Reiki energy with Sage and Palo Santo into all four corners of their home and alchemizes the home’s energy with sound bowls. Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique that can be used to clear negative energy and bring positive energy into the body or something else like a home and sound healing through the use of sound bowls is another way to heal or shift energy via sound vibration.

With a background as a culinary alchemist chef, she even offers her clients a customized home-cooked meal in their new home. What better way to start life in a new home than with fresh positive energy and a healthy home-cooked meal? It’s clear that Ashley infuses love and intention into everything she does for her clients.

“Mindful is the core value that Ashley Rose exudes in her energy to help serve her clients in the most compassionate authentic way. She is dedicated to serving the community and giving back as she participates in beach clean-ups, building tiny homes for the homeless, and at local food organizations.”

Ashley’s passion for real estate blossomed when she was young as she helped her father stage open houses and assist clients in finding their ideal homes. These formative experiences planted the seeds of her future endeavors.

In 2020, Ashley embarked on her own real estate venture with her business Ashley Rose Sacred Spaces, curating a beautifully unique experience for each of her clients as she supports and guides them through finding their own sacred space. Ashley deeply values community and is dedicated to building and designing sustainable homes for her community throughout her career.

A wellness-focused agent provides unique knowledge and expertise to help you and your family navigate the real estate market and find a home that aligns with your health values. Agents like Ashley not only provide extensive knowledge about the market but also go the extra mile to provide their clients with an individualized approach to finding their perfect healthy home.

To learn more about Ashley, read our full interview with her here:

or visit her website www.

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By, Sydni Sands

Holistic Health Coach & Writer

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