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Weaving Wellness Into Real Estate with Christina Hatch

By Sydni Sands

The world is changing and the real estate market is too. Integrating health into all facets of our lives is more important than ever and easier than ever with dedicated professionals like Christina Hatch. Serving the residents of Bucks and Montgomery counties in Pennsylvania, Christina Hatch shines as a holistic real estate agent and wellness mentor. Such agents guide their clients through the real estate journey with an eye on the comprehensive well-being of each individual, embracing the interconnected realms of mind, body, and soul.

Christina has been in love with real estate her whole life and grew up admiring her mother who was also a realtor. Christina has a passion for helping others find their dream clean home and understands the importance of testing a home’s air and water quality. Her work is inspired by her family and their wellness journey that led her to transition her home to a clean living property. She offers her clients a complimentary EMF reading in their current home or a home they are interested in buying. Christina prides herself on offering her clients quality over quantity and describes herself as a real estate life coach who is there with her clients through every step and emotion along the buying or selling process. Christina deeply values her relationships with her clients and the local companies she collaborates within her community. Her open-minded, empathetic, individualized approach is what sets her apart from other agents. Having an agent like Christina Hatch who genuinely cares for the well-being of her clients is a game changer.

Wellness-Focused Agents are Elevating Real Estate Services for Health-Conscious Homebuyers

Buying or selling a home doesn’t have to be a stressful experience and it isn’t when you work with a holistic agent who has you and your family’s health and wellness in mind. To find a holistic or wellness-focused agent near you, check out our directory at the back of our magazine or on our website. If your area is not listed, the closest agent near you can give you a referral and help you get started. Whether you are a real estate agent or seeking one, we hope you feel inspired by Christina’s holistic approach. It’s encouraging to learn about all the new options and solutions available to help people find and create a healthier home environment.

By, Sydni Sands Holistic Health Coach & Writer

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