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From Roots to Brand

By Dee Oujiri

Feeling like your space could use a boost of positivity and vitality? You're not alone. In the bustling rhythm of life, our surroundings often need a touch of rejuvenation. Enter Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on harmonizing the energy in our surroundings to promote balance, health, and prosperity. It recognizes the immense potential in vibrant greenery to transform both our outdoor and indoor environments. With the color green at its core, symbolizing growth and new beginnings, Feng Shui invites a refreshing and uplifting energy into our lives. By weaving a rich tapestry of trees and plants into our spaces, we open the door to a nurturing energy that uplifts and supports our well-being from the ground up.

The Essence of Green: Central to Feng Shui is the deep appreciation for lush, thriving greenery as an energy source for both outdoor and indoor spaces. The color green, representing growth, hope, and fresh starts, brings a positive, uplifting energy that energizes our spirits. Adding a variety of trees and plants to our environments introduces a dynamic energy, supporting our overall well-being.

Cultivating Harmony with Trees and Shrubs

Trees are not just natural shade providers; they're seen as grand protectors of your area, each type carrying its own unique energy and meaning that shapes the vibe of your home and garden.

Umbrella-Shaped Trees

These trees, with their wide and welcoming canopies, are like nurturing arms extended over your home, offering a symbolic shield of protection. They create an aura of safety and tranquility, enveloping your space in a peaceful embrace that guards against negativity.

Willow Trees

Graceful and flexible, willows should find their place in the front yard, where they can bestow your home with their elegant beauty and the adaptive energy of water they are often associated with. This placement encourages flow and flexibility in life's endeavors. However, refrain from placing weeping willows in the backyard, for their downward drooping branches may symbolize a descent of energy, potentially leading to the draining of prosperity.

Apple Trees

Beacons of safety, apple trees embody the essence of nurturance and protection. Their presence in a garden nurtures a feeling of security and care, casting a gentle, safeguarding energy over your space. The apple tree’s fruitfulness also brings the promise of abundance and health, enriching the lives of those who dwell in its vicinity.

Pine Trees

Their evergreen presence and ability to remain vibrant through all seasons reflect resilience. Planting Pines in your garden is akin to anchoring a perpetual source of life's vigor and determination.

Mindful Placement for Positive Energy Flow

Starting your journey to boost your space with trees and shrubs? Remember, it's all about where you place them. The right spots can turn your home into a powerhouse of good vibes and harmony.

Let's dive into some savvy tips to make sure your garden stays gorgeous and attracts positive energy. This positive energy, often referred to as "chi," is the life force or energy that flows through all living things. So, by creating a garden that appeals to the chi, you'll be cultivating an environment that is vibrant and harmonious.

Avoid Blocking the Front Door

The entrance to your home is not just a physical threshold but also a gateway for energy or chi. Planting a tree directly in front of your door can create an energetic barrier, obstructing the flow of positivity into all areas of your life. While there are Feng Shui remedies for those who might already have a tree in this spot, if you're starting fresh, it's best to choose a location that allows your entrance to breathe freely, welcoming energy, abundance, and opportunities with open arms.

Be Cautious with Cacti & Thorny Plants

While cacti and plants with thorns can add an intriguing aesthetic to your garden, placing them near your main entrance can introduce unwelcome energies. In Feng Shui, these types of plants are believed to attract conflicts and prevent the smooth flow of opportunities and positive chi into your home. If you're fond of these plants, consider situating them in areas where their sharp energy will benefit like along a fence line can elegantly enhance security, creating a natural barrier against unwelcome guests and energy.

Harnessing the Power of Colors

Struggling to bring balance and improvement to different areas of your life? The Feng Shui Bagua map is your key to making positive changes, right in your own backyard. This tool divides your space into nine areas, each representing an important aspect of life, from wealth to well-being. By using specific colors in these areas, you can activate and enhance the energy that influences them. It's a simple yet powerful way to use nature to support your goals and dreams.

Helpful People and Travel

To invite the energy of assistance and adventure into your life, infuse your garden with the clarity of white blooms. Consider Japanese white lilacs, white hydrangeas, or the simple elegance of white daisies and lilies. Each plant and flower acts as a beacon, drawing in support and paving the way for new explorations.


The depth of dark blue, complemented by the grounding presence of black planters, can influence your professional journey, setting the stage for achievement and ambition. Enrich this sector with cornflowers, blue sea holly, salvia, delphinium, and iris to anchor your aspirations in the fertile grounds of your garden.

Knowledge and Wisdom

A palette of blues and greens signifies growth and learning, perfectly encapsulated by the evergreen pine. Surround yourself with hydrangeas, Bells of Ireland, chrysanthemums, and dahlias to foster an environment where personal development and enlightenment flourish.


The harmonious blend of green and blue shades nurtures familial bonds and secures financial well-being, creating a foundation of support and stability.


Invoke the sector of prosperity with the royal hues of purple. Lavender, lilac, azalea, sage, wisteria, and weigela not only delight the senses but also act as magnets for wealth, encouraging an influx of financial blessings.

Fame and Reputation

The vibrant energies of reds and oranges shape the way the world views you. Geraniums, burning bushes, daisies, petunias, azaleas, lilies, and coneflowers each contribute to a garden that radiates success and recognition.


Pink flowers' soft, nurturing vibe supports and strengthens key relationships. Peonies, azaleas, astilbe, and coneflower bloom with the promise of love and partnership, infusing your space with harmony and mutual understanding.


Integrate white into this creative gua to ignite the spark of innovation and artistic flow. The hue invites fresh ideas and perspectives, encouraging a flourishing of imagination.


At the heart center of your property, the health sector thrives on the earthy tones of yellows and soft oranges. Cultivate well-being with daisies, the Yellow Poplar, or the Magnolia Tree, each symbolizing vitality and the nurturing essence of nature.

By thoughtfully arranging your garden and picking colors with the Bagua map's time-honored guidance, you can turn your outdoor area into a dynamic wellspring of energy that boosts your life. Every plant, tree, and bloom goes beyond being just a feast for the eyes; they're vibrant symbols of Feng Shui's capacity to bring balance and enrich your life in every way. Cheers to crafting a garden that buzzes with life and washes you in positive energy this spring!

By Dee Oujiri

Feng Shui Strategist & Holistic Realtor

Dee Oujiri is a multifaceted professional who combines expertise in Feng Shui, Reiki, and luxury real estate. With a focus on holistic wellness, Dee empowers individuals to create harmonious living spaces that support physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Join Dee on a transformative journey to a fulfilling life by harmonizing your home and nurturing your soul. Follow @dee.oujiri on Instagram or @fengshuibydee on Facebook for more on Feng Shui and home harmony.

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