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Ready, Set, Refresh

Shake off the Winter Blues with These Simple Spring Cleaning Tips

During this time of year, I find that my family spends more time indoors which slows the pace down a bit. It might simply feel that way, after the craziness of the holidays followed by the forceful reentry into everyday routine, but March always seems a bit slower. It has always been a great time to catch up on household maintenance because, honestly, I notice so many things that need to get done by slowing down and being home.

Make your to-do list achievable and practical I walk through each area of the house with a pad of paper, taking note of what cleaning items have not gotten done in a while. Organize your list by room and set your maximum at three tasks per room. For example, in the bathroom prioritize cleaning the grout, scrubbing shower walls/doors, and cleaning out under the sink.

Pick one task and carry it throughout your home At least once a year I descale all the faucets in our home. I fill a one-gallon ziplock bag with one cup of vinegar, one cup of water, and a tablespoon of lemon juice. I use the same bag and rubber band on each faucet, letting it sit for thirty minutes while I take on other items on my list.

Make a plan and put it on the calendar This will give you the space to prioritize what needs to get done and alleviate the pressure of a looming to-do list. Consider picking a Saturday or Sunday morning to involve the whole household with chores. As much grumbling as you may receive, these have often been some of the most memorable days in our home because we always plan an activity afterward (going out to a fun lunch together, going to the bowling alley, etc.). Working together to accomplish goals as a group not only makes the task less cumbersome but can create some fun family memories.

Avoid being weighed down by undesirable tasks Figure out if there are items on your list that really just make your skin crawl, and consider outsourcing them. Move past those items on your list and accomplish what you can! Remember, perfection is not the goal; taking simple baby steps is progress! Set a timer to do the task for just 5 or 10 minutes, or just clear away 1-5 items to get started. Often it's just the idea of the task being too large that weighs us down mentally. Once you get started, you might be surprised at your new momentum to keep moving forward and in no time you are finished!

Notice how your space FEELS as you complete tasks Being intentional about recognizing all the chores you get done will help motivate you to finish your list.

Winning Tip: Take advantage of the seasonal indoor time to prepare your home for a fun spring and summer! Involving your household in taking care of your home will give everyone a sense of accomplishment and collective enjoyment of your space. Reach out for help with the tasks that give you mental pause. And don’t forget to celebrate your accomplishments!

By, Jolene Nannette Home by Jolene Jolene Nannette is a specialist in home efficiency, tackling to-do lists and calming the chaos through home organization.

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