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Harvesting Joy at Chickahominy Falls: Chickahominy Falls Redefines 55+ Living with Agrihood Innovation

By, Sabrina Aguilar

Chickahominy Falls Agrihood
Photo courtesy of Chickahominy Falls

In a world where digital interactions dominate connectivity, there is an increasing longing for authentic connections – both with nature and people. The emergence of farm-to-table communities, called Agrihoods, exemplifies this trend, reshaping our perception of residential living. These communities, rooted in the principles of sustainable agriculture and holistic well-being, are gaining traction as they offer a distinctive approach to cultivating healthier and more engaged lifestyles.

One standout among these agri-communities is Chickahominy Falls, Richmond's only 55+ agri-community, a sanctuary sprawled across 180 acres along the tranquil Chickahominy River. Here, each day is a luxury, surrounded by the vibrant colors of Woodside Farms—a 10-acre, four-season farm that is the pulsating heart of Chickahominy Falls.

From the inception of Chickahominy Falls, Roger Glover envisioned more than just a collection of homes; he imagined a community deeply connected to nature, health, and wellness, providing a unique balance between work and play. The community strives to nurture healthier, happier lives by going beyond traditional amenities, offering a lifestyle that is both purposeful and fulfilling.

Woodside Farms

The Heart and Soul

In the genesis of Chickahominy Falls, the driving force behind this visionary agri-community lies in the commitment to health and wellness, a mission woven into the fabric of its development company, The Crescent Group. With a legacy of 25 years in building communities, The Crescent Group recognized the pivotal role that connectivity and wellness play in the lives of active adults.

The opportunity to create something truly unique emerged with the acquisition of a vast parcel of land in an agricultural area. Spanning over 500 homes in 10 distinct neighborhoods, Chickahominy Falls stands as the exclusive 55+ agri-community in the country. Unlike conventional 55+ communities that might center around golf courses, Chickahominy Falls took a distinct path – a farm-themed community where residents don't just meet on the golf tee but engage in communal activities like working together in gardens and frequenting the farmers' market.

Chickahominy Falls Agrihood
Photo courtesy of Chickahominy Falls

This approach, deviating from the norm, has proven to be a great differentiator, offering a more profound sense of connectedness. The entire community, including its amenities like the clubhouse and pool, embraces the farm theme. This unique proposition has been warmly received by residents, setting Chickahominy Falls apart from its counterparts.

One significant aspect that defines Chickahominy Falls is Woodside Farms—a 10-acre, four-season farm nestled at its core. The farm is not a static amenity; it's a dynamic entity, alive with the cultivation of a thoughtfully curated mix of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. What makes this cultivation truly special is its focus on the health and wellness benefits specifically tailored for the active adult demographic.

The holistic vision goes beyond the borders of the farm. Chickahominy Falls offers a distinctive marketplace where residents can source locally grown produce from their gardens and other products from nearby farmers. This not only fosters a sense of community but also provides residents with a direct link to the source of their food—a crucial aspect, especially considering the wellness implications, particularly in an age group where dietary choices significantly impact overall health.

The farm becomes a focal point for more than just agricultural activities. It serves as a platform for community engagement and wellness initiatives. Picture a community where front porches invite conversations, and neighbors share not just greetings but stories about the produce they picked up at the market or the joy of volunteering on the farm.

Carefully Crafted

As we delve into the developer's perspective, it becomes evident that Chickahominy Falls is more than just a neighborhood; it's a carefully crafted environment designed for meaningful connections. The intentional design, incorporating front porches and diverse housing styles, facilitates a sense of community reminiscent of old-school neighborhoods where neighbors become friends.

This agri-community, with its focus on health and wellness, extends an invitation to active adults from various corners of the country. Whether moving for the lifestyle, proximity to family, or the unique agrihood concept, residents find themselves immersed in a community that values holistic well-being, connecting through shared activities, and cherishing the vibrancy of Woodside Farms.

Photo courtesy of Chickahominy Falls

Looking into the future

Looking ahead, Chickahominy Falls envisions an expansion with rezoning plans for an additional 160 homes, aiming to share the agrihood concept with more individuals in the region. The developers express their aspiration to replicate this model in other areas, envisioning a future where agri-communities become synonymous with healthier, more connected, and purposeful living. Chickahominy Falls isn't just a community; it's a testament to reimagining residential living. It beckons individuals to embrace a lifestyle where well-being is not a buzzword but a guiding principle in the journey of life.

As we applaud its accolades and gaze toward its future, Chickahominy Falls invites us all to ponder a simple yet profound question: Can our homes be more than just living spaces? The answer, evident in the vibrant fields of Woodside Farms and the harmonious interactions within the community, is a resounding yes. Chickahominy Falls warmly invites you to join a lifestyle where every day feels like a luxury, and nature sets the perfect rhythm for our daily routine.

Here at HealthyHOME™ Media, we love sharing stories about forward-thinking communities that make healthy living easy. As more and more residential neighborhoods are designed with well-being in mind, the positive ripple effect will benefit us all. This is why we appreciate communities like Chickahominy Falls and hope more developers are inspired by their success.

For more information about Chickahominy Falls, explore their website at

By, Sabrina Aguilar

In-house writer and Marketing Strategist

for HealthyHOME Media

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