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Harmony at Home

Inspiration from Community Developments Focused on Wellness

In the ever-evolving realm of real estate, a profound shift towards healthier living is unfolding, and at the forefront are community-driven developments that inspire and redefine the concept of home. While not everyone can readily embrace the opportunity to uproot and relocate to these groundbreaking communities, the wealth of inspiration they offer is ripe for integration into the familiar confines of our existing homes.

Developers spearheading these innovative projects are fueled by a commitment to fostering healthier living environments for residents. Their initiatives are rooted in a recognition of the interconnectedness between well-being and living spaces. Let's spotlight some visionary developers and the transformative features they've infused into their projects.

Growing Health at Home

Agrihoods, agricultural neighborhoods designed around working farms, have emerged as beacons of sustainable and health-centric living. Developers, like Fox Point Farms, are integrating farmland into residential communities, providing residents with access to fresh, locally-grown produce. The health benefits are twofold – the physical activity involved in gardening and the nutritional value of consuming freshly harvested fruits and vegetables.

Inspiration for homeowners: Knowing not everyone will relocate to an agrihood, there are plenty of opportunities to begin cultivating your own home garden, bringing the essence of farm-to-table living to your doorstep. Whether it's a windowsill herb garden or a backyard vegetable patch, the joy of nurturing your green space aligns with holistic health principles.r

Making Room For Well-being

Developers are weaving wellness into the very fabric of communities by prioritizing amenities and services that contribute to resident well-being. Yoga studios, meditation spaces, and fitness centers become integral parts of these wellness communities. Developments such as Serenbe, is a great example of a wellness community where homeowners can experience everything from gallery exhibits and artist lectures to world-class dinners and outdoor concerts. The focus is on creating spaces that foster physical, mental, and emotional health.

Inspiration for Homeowners: While the prospect of residing in a dedicated wellness community like Serenbe may not be feasible for everyone, homeowners can draw inspiration from its principles. Transform a spare room or create a dedicated corner in your home for daily wellness practices. Establish connections with neighbors, organize community events, and infuse elements of nature into your living space. Homeowners can cultivate a well-being-centric environment within the comfort of their own homes by introducing daily wellness practices reminiscent of the Serenbe experience.

Increasing Connections

Urban planners are reimagining city living with a health-centric approach. Creating spaces that encourage walking, biking, and community engagement, these developments prioritize green spaces and proximity to essential amenities. The goal is to mitigate the stressors of urban life and enhance overall well-being.

Inspiration for Homeowners: Homeowners can cultivate community and increase social bonding by reintroducing themselves to their neighborhood. Establishing new friendships with neighbors, rekindling old connections, organizing community events, and advocating for green spaces contribute to a sense of belonging and improve overall happiness with where you live.

Share the Love

Developers are embracing co-housing and multigenerational living models, recognizing the social and emotional benefits of shared spaces. These intentional communities foster a sense of belonging and mutual support among residents.

Inspiration for Homeowners: Flexible floorplans and accessory dwelling units (ADUs) that enable aging parents or adult children to maintain privacy while sharing living spaces and expenses is becoming an increasingly popular feature for today’s home buyers. However, even if residing in a purpose-built co-housing community is not within reach, homeowners can explore collaborative living arrangements or strengthen connections within existing neighborhoods. New options for pre-fab ADUs or converting garage or basement space open up new possibilities for family bonding and increased savings. Initiatives like communal gardens, shared resources, or regular neighborhood gatherings cultivate a sense of community.

More and more new innovative wellness lifestyle developments are built every year, and the common thread is a commitment to designing living spaces that support healthier living for the lucky residents who get to call these communities home. While not everyone can live in these wellness-centric communities, their blueprint is an invaluable source of inspiration for homeowners to infuse their existing spaces with health, harmony, and happiness. Every individual deserves to reside in a home that fosters their well-being, providing a supportive environment for health and happiness.

By, Lucy Chatman

Staff Writer for HealthyHOME Media

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