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Cool Vibes: Feng Shui Tips for a Refreshing Summer Dining Space

By Dee Oujiri

Summer brings the warm sun and the joy of longer days, a welcome change for many of us after the different challenges each season brings. In Minnesota, we eagerly anticipate summer after a long, cold winter. However, whether you’re enjoying the mild, breezy days in California, the tropical warmth in Hawaii, or the sultry heat in Georgia, the principles of Feng Shui can help you create a cool, serene haven perfect for enjoying your meals. I enjoy making small, seasonal adjustments to my space, aligning with the cycles of nature. Let's delve into some practical Feng Shui tips to help you create a harmonious and refreshing dining area that resonates with the vibrant energy of summer.


In Feng Shui, colors play a crucial role in setting the mood and energy of a space. To create a cooling sanctuary in your dining area, opt for soothing shades like soft blues, gentle greens, and crisp whites. These calming elements promote a sense of relaxation and coolness. Consider a fresh coat of paint, table linens, or dishware in these hues to invite a breezy summer feel into your home.

The Flow of Chi

The arrangement of your dining space can significantly influence the flow of chi (energy) and your experience of the room. Ensure your dining table is well-grounded with a large area rug, which should be expansive enough that chairs can be pulled out completely while still remaining on the rug. This setting ensures there is ample space around the dining table to allow chi to circulate freely, enhancing the overall sense of ease and comfort.

Using the Elements

Water elements in Feng Shui are perfect for balancing the fiery yang energy of summer. Integrate water-related decor such as glass vases with fresh flowers, mirrors, artwork depicting calm bodies of water, or even a small indoor fountain to bring the cooling essence of water into your dining area. These will not only decorate your space but also help to keep the energy feeling fresh and vibrant.

Bring in Nature

Incorporating plants into your dining area can greatly enhance the space's vitality and provide a natural cooling effect. Choose plants that are known for their air-purifying qualities, such as bamboo, ferns, or spider plants. Adding plants contributes to a healthier dining environment, bringing a slice of nature indoors and reinforcing the Feng Shui principle of connecting with the natural world.


Lighting can dramatically affect a room's atmosphere. To maintain a cool ambiance, opt for softer, diffused lighting options. Avoid harsh fluorescent lights; instead, choose candles or lamps with fabric shades that mimic the softness of natural light. During the summer months, we tend to close blinds to keep the home cool. Follow the sun, keeping parts of your home open where it is shaded while only closing the blinds where direct sunlight intrudes.

Finally, complement your Feng Shui enhancements with mindful eating practices. Slow down and savor each meal, focusing on the flavors and textures of your food. Eating in a calm and beautifully arranged environment can aid digestion and promote a sense of well-being, aligning perfectly with summer's gentle, rejuvenating qualities.

By implementing these Feng Shui tips, you can transform your dining area into a visually stunning and energetically balanced space that feels naturally cooler. Each meal will become a refreshing escape, enhancing your overall dining experience, which will nurture your body and spirit and enrich your quality of life.

By Dee Oujiri

Feng Shui Strategist & Holistic Realtor

Dee Oujiri is a multifaceted professional who combines expertise in Feng Shui, Reiki, and luxury real estate. With a focus on holistic wellness, Dee empowers individuals to create harmonious living spaces that support physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Join Dee on a transformative journey to a fulfilling life by harmonizing your home and nurturing your soul. Follow @dee.oujiri on Instagram or @fengshuibydee on Facebook for more on Feng Shui and home harmony.

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