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Clearing and Energizing Your New Home: Feng Shui Guidance for Peace of Mind

By Dee Oujiri

Moving into a new home is an exciting and transformative experience. Whether it's a pre-existing property or a newly built house, the energy within the space can significantly impact your well-being. It is essential to clear, energize, and protect your new home's chi (energy) to ensure a harmonious environment. In this article, we will explore effective ways to cleanse and bless your new space, creating a positive and supportive atmosphere for you and your family.

Preparing Your Home

Before you move in, take some time to learn about the home's history, surrounding buildings, and the land. If there are any concerns or negative associations, consider consulting a Feng Shui expert to help seal your home and property, ensuring positive energy flow.

Deep Cleaning for Physical and Energetic Purposes

Before bringing your belongings into the new home, engage in a thorough deep clean. This involves both physical cleaning and clearing any lingering negative energy. Sage is a popular choice for energy cleansing; burn it while setting the intention to remove all past non-beneficial energy. Complete the process with a new home blessing, which can be a prayer or intention of health and prosperity, aligning with your beliefs.

The Gateway of Health and Wellness

The front door serves as a portal to your home's energy. Prioritize cleaning your front door and entryway. Use warm salt water and a mild detergent for physical cleaning. Once cleaned, place a welcome mat and adorn your door with vibrant flowers. Avoid using a welcome mat with personal initials or your name, as it symbolically suggests people walking all over you. Finally, use cinnamon to symbolize welcoming opportunities and abundance. Sprinkle a small amount in your palm, stand at the entrance, and blow it around with intention.

Settling In and Ongoing Maintenance

After a couple of weeks of living in your new space, perform another deep clean. This time, focus on clearing any new energies brought in by your belongings and the residual energy from your previous home. Repeat the energy cleansing process using Sage or opt for a Salt Cleanse (instructions below). Conclude this phase by burning rose petals, symbolizing joy and blessing each room. Utilize the Bagua Map to set specific intentions for each area of your home.

Ongoing Maintenance for Optimal Chi

To maintain fresh and vibrant energy in your home, consider the following practices:

  • Fresh Flowers: Place fresh flowers in areas like the kitchen or wherever you can enjoy them. They have a positive effect on lifting the chi.

  • Palo Santo: Use Palo Santo wood to bless and clear non-beneficial energy. Incorporate it into your routine weekly or even daily to stay grounded and maintain positive energy.

  • Salt: Keep a bowl of rock salt in your home for 24 hours with the intention of absorbing negative energy. Afterward, dispose of the salt in an outdoor garbage bin or flush it down the toilet.

  • Salt Cleanse Burning Technique: This monthly practice, similar to a Sage clearing but without the smell, involves burning salt to cleanse and purify the space.

Creating a harmonious living environment is crucial for your well-being. Implementing these practices ensures that your new home is energetically balanced, promoting health, prosperity, and joy. Remember to adapt these techniques to suit your beliefs and preferences and enjoy the positive energy that fills your home.

Salt Cleanse Burning Technique

This process is more involved; plan to set aside at least 45 minutes or more. I like this, especially if I cannot truly open up my home to relax the stagnant negative chi. You will be using fire in this process, and I like to do this clearing when I am alone. I use the time during the burn to clear my mind. Please be mindful and take the necessary precautions. Do not leave the fire unattended.

What you will need:

  • A small oven-safe bowl (I like to use a small Pyrex dish)

  • A pie dish with about 1 inch of water in it

  • 1/2 Cup of Himalayan Sea Salt (I buy the Costco bulk, so I always have it on hand.)

  • 1/8 Cup of 91% Rubbing Alcohol

  • Matches

  • Pot holders or heat protection gloves


You will need to be in an area like your kitchen where you can safely burn the salt. Please remove anything flammable before you do this. This process is very effective and a wonderful tool to use when you feel like there is angst in your home, during and after illness, when you move into a new home, and even after you host guests, especially overnight guests.

Step-by-step Instructions

1. Take a small bowl of Himalayan Salt and fill it about three-quarters full, which may be about 1 cup.

2. Set the small bowl into the middle of your pan of water.

3. Pour the rubbing alcohol over the salt. Pour slowly, and do not overfill the bowl. You want the alcohol to absorb into the salt with just a touch over the salt.

4. Take a deep breath, hold it, and slowly breathe out, counting to nine. Do this three times. 5. In your mind or speak out loud three times: I clear my home from all non-beneficial and negative energy with this salt and fire. Everyone in this home is touched with love, joy, abundance, and prosperity.

6. Light the alcohol on fire, taking precautions to protect yourself as the flame will jump around. The flame reacts to the energy it is clearing. Sometimes your flame will burn longer if the energy is dense and stagnant.

7. Watch the flame and think about what you want to clear from your mind and home as it burns. Negative thoughts and emotions, or intend to remove some habits not supporting you. Or spend the time watching the fire in a meditative state. Watching fire has been used for thousands of years for meditation.

8. Let the fire naturally run its course. It will eventually burn off all the alcohol and go out entirely.

9. Bless your home, and say a prayer filling the home with positive love and light after the flame has stopped burning. The Earth fills voids naturally, be on purpose of filling the space you opened up with positive energy.

10. Once the flame is complete, use the gloves or pot holders to remove the salt. Either dump it down the toilet or outside, away from your home.

11. Wash the dishes by hand with soap and water, do not put them in the dishwasher to wash later. You want to remove the negative energy immediately.

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By Dee Oujiri Feng Shui Strategist & Holistic Realtor

Dee Oujiri is a multifaceted professional who combines expertise in Feng Shui, Reiki, and luxury real estate. With a focus on holistic wellness, Dee empowers individuals to create harmonious living spaces that support physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Join Dee on a transformative journey to a fulfilling life by harmonizing your home and nurturing your soul.

Follow @dee.oujiri on Instagram or @fengshuibydee on Facebook for more on Feng Shui and home harmony.

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