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When Water Meets Wellness: It's Your Path to Health & Vitality

By Hannah Olson

Leonardo da Vinci said, "Water is the driving force of all nature.” Robin Colvey, the founder of Lifetime Water in Solana Beach, agrees and has built a thriving business and empowered a transformative wellness journey for numerous individuals by recognizing the profound healing potential of water—but it isn’t as simple as it sounds.

Robin Colvey, Founder of Lifetime Water in Solana Beach, California


As Owner and Founder of Lifetime Water, Colvey also holds titles such as Functional Nutrition Counselor, San Diego Master Gardener, Hydration Expert, and Health Advocate. After watching family members suffer from chronic pain and devastating illness, Colvey knew there had to be a better way to live and achieve a healthier and longer-lasting life. Decades of relentless research led her to discover a 44-year-old Japanese company called Enagic International that produces medical- grade, hydrogen-rich, alkaline water. After a long career as a consultant, Colvey established Lifetime Water to bring optimized health services to the San Diego area.

Shortly after opening their doors five years ago, she was joined in the business by her daughter, Taylor Colvey, who holds a master’s in counseling, is a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and has her National Board Certification through the Board of Medical Examiners. Taylor's mission is to enhance mind and body resilience, empowering individuals to fulfill their life's purpose free from pain and ailments.

"With human bodies consisting primarily of water, it is common knowledge that hydration is key, but not all water is equal." - Robin Colvey

Through filtration and processing, much of the water consumed worldwide is filled with chemicals and devoid of the minerals and atoms needed to achieve our full health potential. Colvey has embraced water as the fundamental element behind her enterprise and the key to unlocking vitality and well-being for her clients.

“Preventative health starts with water. It’s the simplest thing,” Colvey explains, “and preventative health and opening yourself up to other less traditional opportunities honors the body and improves your health.”

In simple terms, hydrogen-enriched water refers to water infused with molecular hydrogen gas. Originating from its success in Japanese healthcare, it has garnered significant attention in recent years due to its vast health benefits, which include anti-inflammatory properties, powerful antioxidants, neuroprotective effects for optimal brain health, cardiovascular benefits, and improved athletic performance and recovery.


From Left to Right: Rebecca Virrey, Robin Colvey and Taylor Colvey

For individuals ready to take the next steps on their health and wellness path, you can book a consultation over the phone, online, or come into their Solana Beach location to determine which services are best for you and your budget. Colvey aims to keep her services accessible and affordable for all, not merely for those who can afford to treat their health as a luxury.

“My goal is to bring people here to find natural ways to support their body and health,” she says.

Lifetime Water’s array of services empowers people who want to take ownership of their health more holistically and includes nutritional counseling, acupuncture, liver support and cleansing, and more. But, beyond the water that serves as the foundation of their services, there are a few other key things to try:

  • One of their distinctive services is Vibragenixs, which combines whole-body vibration and cell-exciting sonic waves to profoundly recharge every cell in your body during each session. The electrical potential of your cells serves as a vital indicator of your overall health and longevity. A decrease in cellular charge is closely associated with accelerated bodily decline. By utilizing Vibragenics, clients can actively address this aspect and enhance the well-being of cells.

  • Another featured service is BrainTap, an innovative solution to address the common challenges caused by an imbalanced brain. BrainTap incorporates a range of techniques that effectively restore equilibrium to your brain, promoting optimal performance for both your mind and body. With its proprietary technology, this method guides your brain through various brainwave states, inducing deep relaxation. As a result, you experience an immediate surge in energy while training your brain to operate at its highest potential consistently.

  • Finally, Nucleogenics determines your precise nutritional requirements through DNA testing and then creates a unique multi-vitamin supplement that will benefit your individual health needs. Robin tells her clients, “Your DNA is not your destiny.”

Robin and Taylor have helped clients from around the country, so the great news is that you don't have to live in Solana Beach, California, to benefit from their expertise. With LifetimeWater, your wellness journey becomes an opportunity to transform your life. By taking control of your health and exploring the services and programs they offer, you can optimize your well-being and embrace a life of vitality, purpose, and resilience. Your wellness is within your reach, and Lifetime Water is there to guide you toward a healthier, more fulfilling life.

By Hannah Olson, Writer for Local Umbrella Media

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