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What is a Healthy Home Concierge?

Business Spotlight: Andrew Pace, The Green Design Center

For most of the last 30 years in business, I have assisted my clients in their quest to build, remodel or just live in a healthier home.From supplying materials to answering simple questions, I have been an invaluable resource to tens of thousands of folks all over the world. But what should my title be? Sure, I’ve dabbled in architecture, construction, and interior design, but I am not a degreed professional in any of those specialties.I write, podcast, and most importantly, listen to my clients who are in dire need of healthy housing due to a myriad of issues. Then I offer advice on the best path to go forward. I think I’ll take a page out of the medical field and call myself a Healthy Home Concierge.

Concierge medicine involves a doctor who gives more of a “one on one” experience to those who pay a membership fee or a monthly retainer. As the owner of the oldest healthy home supply company in the world, I offer advice all the time about the specific products we sell. But all too often, the help my clients need is far more involved than discussing materials. As a Healthy Home Concierge, my focus is to help my clients, in any way that I can, by utilizing materials, methods and resources that are easily obtainable in their area. In this capacity, I do not rely on material sales, therefore, I am free to offer an educated, unbiased opinion on the best way to create healthy and non-toxic living environments.

Whether it’s a simple 15-minute call to discuss your healthy options for window replacement or a yearly membership for unlimited time to hash out the design and build of your new healthy home, a Healthy Home Concierge is the most affordable and time-saving approach. I offer solutions for non-toxic and healthy materials throughout the entire home and often assist new home builders with the interview and vetting process of contractors and architects. I offer my clients an unbiased educated opinion on how to make sure a home can be built with their specific health needs in mind and can offer troubleshooting for the smallest projects, such as cleaning vents to choosing the best all-purpose safe and non-toxic counter cleaner.

If I had a dollar for every time, someone said, “I wish I knew about you before I did months of research on my own”, I probably wouldn’t need to write this article. Many of my clients suffer from Lyme disease, MCAS, CIRS, and other afflictions caused by chemical or mold exposure. In my 30 years, I’ve learned and experienced what ailments and challenges my clients have and am equipped to share that knowledge with others, along with design solutions to preventing chemical exposure. Building or remodeling a home is one of the biggest endeavors any of us will face in our lives. If you’re like me or any of my clients, chemical off-gassing, mold exposure and electromagnetic fields make this monumental task even more difficult. As your Healthy Home Concierge, you can expect to have an advocate in your corner, helping to navigate the waters with your builder, architect and designer, making sure that all materials and systems used have been curated specifically to meet your needs and health concerns.

Consultations with Healthy Home Concierge Andrew Pace start at $35 for 15 minutes; $60 for 30 minutes; $110 for 1 hour; FRAT testing is $100 and a yearly retainer is also available. To book a consult with Andrew, please visit his site directly at:

More about Andrew Pace Andrew Pace is a Healthy Home Concierge and Founder of The Green Design Center, a leading resource for homeowners and contractors looking to source products that are healthy and green and receive expert consulting advice on designing and building healthy green homes. Andrew is the host of the weekly Non-Toxic Environments Podcast. He is a worldwide expert on green and healthy building products and services customers and contractors from around the globe. As founder of the oldest healthy building supply company in the United States, Andrew has become one of the most helpful and educational experts dealing with the day-to-day concerns of those individuals who suffer from allergies, asthma, and chemical sensitivities.

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