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Organized Travel

As summer approaches, the promise of sunshine, relaxation, and adventure looms near. Planning vacations and summer travel takes time and effort, as does staying organized amidst an unpredictable and fluctuating schedule. Being intentional about staying organized going into this season will help you have more time to enjoy the freedom and fun of summer.

Make a packing list

Create a basic packing list for everyone to follow as you prep for summer trips. Include how many of each essential item to pack, if any special items are needed (bathing suits, special occasion attire, goggles, etc.), and list toiletries and relaxation items (such as a book, crafts, headphones, etc.). Begin packing three days before your travels to allow time to locate or purchase necessary items.

Stay organized with creative luggage packing options

Use packing cubes to contain smaller items (socks, underwear, bathing suits), pack shoes in small cloth bags to keep the rest of your clothes clean, and don’t forget a laundry bag.

Store all travel items together

I store all luggage items together, including toiletry bags and carry-on cases. I nestle smaller bags inside larger bags to save space. Don’t forget to include any travel comfort items (such as neck pillows, noise-canceling headphones, and sleep masks) with the stored luggage. Packing is much easier when you aren’t trying to locate needed-but-rarely-used items at the last minute.

Create a pre-travel to-do list

Don’t forget to add tasks such as taking out the trash, dumping and unplugging the coffee pot, running the dishwasher, running the sink and garbage disposal, and turning off the thermostat. It is so much nicer coming back home to a clean house!

Prepare for your summer fun at home

Take the time to sort through swimsuits, water-sport equipment, outdoor games, and summer clothing. Throw away or donate unnecessary or worn-down items and take note of what you used most the previous summer (as well as what has been passed over multiple times). If everyone fought over the same pair of goggles last year, buy extras of those and donate the others! Ensure that all warm-weather activity necessities are easily accessible.

Being prepared for your summer vacation, whether traveling or at home, will help you make the most of the glorious days of sunshine. Take some time at the beginning of the season to ensure you stay organized, and you will be efficient and ready for fun in your summer months.

By Jolene Nanette

Jolene Nannette is a specialist in home efficiency, tackling to-do lists and calming the chaos through home organization.

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