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Navigating the Real Estate Market with Wellness in Mind

Meet Tammi Hoerner, a Wellness-Focused Agent

By, Sydni Sands

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Tammi Hoerner, a Colorado Licensed Broker Associate serving residents along the Front Range of Colorado from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs who specializes in residential, new construction, luxury, and land.

Tammi is running her business a little differently. She decided to start branding herself as a wellness-focused agent which is something she feels is needed in the industry. She came to real estate after a long career as an international holistic health coach after realizing the importance of health and home connection. While healing herself from repeated toxic mold exposure, she knew something in her life needed to shift Being a wellness-focused real estate agent has given her an opportunity to turn her horrible experience with

toxic mold into something good by helping others navigate similar challenges.

Over the past few years, Tammi has continuously been called to work with people with environmental sensitivities due to her exposure to toxic mold. She believes her lived experience allows her to offer a more empathetic and first-hand approach to buying a home with this in mind. In a market with little compassion for those seeking environmentally safe homes, Tammi offers her clients successful strategies to help buyers win in competitive markets while navigating difficult health situations.

“Everyone deserves to live in a healthy home, and so I work together with local experts to be sure my clients find a house they can call home and help provide education and resources to help keep it that way.”

Tammi has a gift for helping her clients navigate and overcome obstacles to reach their goals and finds great fulfillment in walking alongside people while they’re on their journey of buying or selling a home. Her skills from being a holistic health coach for over 10 years are what sets her apart as an agent.

"In our industry, communication is a common complaint I hear from people. No one wants to feel like a mere transaction or a number. As I've grown in this field, I've drawn on skills from my previous career, prioritizing service, connection, and education. My focus lies in being the real estate guide they are searching for, enhancing my clients' experiences, and emphasizing meaningful connections over numerical goals. This shift in approach enhances their perception and elevates their overall experience." says Tammi

As a Colorado native, Tammi knows the ins and outs of her home state well and has a deep appreciation for the unique lifestyle that living in Colorado offers. Tammi’s well-rounded perspective and dedication truly set her apart and make her the go-to Colorado agent.

If you'd like to delve deeper into what makes Colorado special and explore the state's real estate opportunities, Tammi offers her clients complimentary education and support through her free Facebook group at, Colorado Real Estate, as well as on her website

Navigating the real estate market and trying to find a healthy home that is safe and free from toxins can feel almost impossible in today’s world. Tammi Hoerner and wellness-focused agents like her are working hard to change that narrative. Because everyone deserves to live in a healthy home.

For a chance to connect with other agents who are making a difference in the industry, make sure to check out our expert directory on our website at on Free Resources, and you’ll find our growing list of wellness-focused home experts.

To read the full interview we had with Tammi, go to:

By, Sydni Sands

Holistic Health Coach & Writer

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