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LAGOM: A Harmonious Way of Living

By Cassy West

Lagom (pronounced law-gohm) is the Swedish word used to describe an amount or a state which is ‘just right’- not too much and not too little. It is an amount so perfect that it creates a sense of harmony and serenity. Unlike hygge, a Norwegian term for a momentary state of bliss promoting warmth and comfort, lagom is a way of living. A way of life for Swedes for generations, the concept of living the “lagom” life has, within the last few years, evoked curiosity among Americans. There are many books describing ways to reach lagom, and how to apply the lagom concept in interior design, cooking, fashion, and sustainable living.

We live in a world where we crave tranquility and balance. Lagom focuses on moderation and the ‘less is more’ philosophy, creating that perfect balance between not enough and too much. With interior design, the emphasis is on buying quality, timeless pieces and living with less clutter. Interiors are more restrained and favor a curated style. Simpler color schemes are adopted, and accessories are kept to a minimum.

Lagom encourages people to enter life in the slow lane and enjoy everything it has to offer, just with a little more self-restraint. Devoted lagom-ites know when enough is enough and they are at their happiest adopting a more sustainable way of living.

How can you bring LAGOM into your home?

1. Adopt a Neutral Palette

Lagom spaces are often calm and clean, while still feeling inviting. It’s rare to see a lot of different colors or patterns in a lagom interior. Whites, greys, pastels and earthy tones work well in harnessing the lagom feeling. Stick to just a few key colors, but introduce a variety of tones to build up warmth and texture so as not to create a space that’s too clinical or dull. If you feel your space needs more warmth, introduce natural timbers, leathers, or fabric with a textural weave.

2. Focus on Practicality

An interior that encourages the lagom way of living is practical. The design of the room and the objects within supports its purpose. Impractical furniture or pieces that are highly ornate are less sought after. Instead, lagom inspires homeowners to choose furniture that suits the size of the space, and pieces that are timeless and functional.

Consider if the furniture encourages the room to flow, if it allows you to easily circulate and meets your needs. Opting for furniture that works with your lifestyle and interior rather than overcomplicating the design will help you embrace this way of living.

3. Accessorize with Items that Bring You Joy

While the lagom concept means you accessorize with less stuff than the Danish-style hygee, it doesn’t mean you can’t buy objects for your home. Instead of buying items impulsively, the philosophy encourages you to consciously shop for items that bring you joy and add beauty to your space.

Choose pieces that are timeless and not trendy. Editing is also key to achieving the lagom-inspired look. Rather than clutter their space with many accessories, lagom-ites tend to style the items on their own. That way, you’re more likely to notice its beauty and appreciate the object. Beauty is also recognized in the small details.

4. Choose Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to lagom style, less is definitely more, and finding the right balance will help you achieve the desired look. The philosophy focuses greatly on investing in quality over quantity.

Instead of buying disposable furniture and design objects, opt for pieces that are well-made and are classic. Splurge on the items you love, and on items that celebrate the artisan craftsman. Look for the natural beauty in quality materials and in the intricate design details.

How to adopt the LAGOM lifestyle?

The lagom philosophy extends further than interiors. It’s a way of life. Beyond styling your home with restraint and focusing on quality materials, there is a way you can incorporate more balance into your daily life.

LIVE WITH LESS STUFF: Clear out the items of your life that don’t bring you joy. From your wardrobe to your desk, get rid of the clutter and live with less. But, it’s not just items you can declutter. Think about the relationships you have with people. Perhaps you can part ways with those who no longer add value and happiness to your life.

WASTE LESS: Learn to waste less whether that’s the food in your fridge, paper, clothing, or general household trash. Focus on reusing, up-cycling, and donating.

BUY LESS: Ask yourself, do you really need that? Buying less will help you live with less and reduce your waste. Spend your money on special things that last and on experiences that enrich your life. It’s simply about being mindful.

FIND BALANCE: Focus on finding balance in your life. This could be fostering a work/life balance or worryingly less about doing better and instead, focusing on doing your best. Live life simply.

By, Cassy West

Design Well to Live Well Eco Friendly Interior Designer &Wellness Real Estate Agent in Florida

Cassy West from is a contributing writer for WellnessRE™ and has given us permission to share her blog posts with our readers. Visit her site to read more of her design tips on how to create a healthier home.

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