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Healthy Home, Healthy Garden | Tips to Transform Your Outdoor Space into a Summer Oasis

With the wildflower explosion over the past month, putting extra effort into our home garden has become a priority. It’s easy for our outdoor space to become neglected over the winter, but as we move through spring it is time to focus on getting organized for summer. Paying attention to how you traditionally have used your outdoor space and your goals for how you wish to spend those glorious days of summer enjoying your yard should help you focus on your garden to-do list.

  1. Prioritize Your Task List - Think back to last spring and summer and reflect on how you used your space. Did you spend time entertaining? Playing with the family? Relaxing with a cup of coffee in the early morning sun? Or if any of these suggestions spurred wistful daydreams, focus your task list with those items in mind. For example, our family enjoys entertaining in our garden. Our task list includes weeding the flower beds, laying new mulch, checking the propane levels on our fire pit and taking inventory of outdoor dishes/blankets.

  2. Throw Out Broken Items - The yard can easily become an accidental burial ground for kid toys, leftover party items, trash blown in by the wind, etc. Walk your yard with a trash bag and throw away any items that cannot be used again. Examine your outdoor toy/game storage area and discard broken toys or ones that are missing key pieces.

  3. Organize Outdoor Items Together - Consolidate outdoor entertaining items into one location. Summer get-togethers will be more enjoyable if you prepare for planned as well as spontaneous gatherings. We like to keep backyard toys in one easily accessible location, outdoor reusable dishes clean and stored with outdoor linens and blankets, and one spare propane tank in the garage. We are much more likely to enjoy our backyard space when we are organized.

  4. Choose A Summer Backyard Goal - Set one backyard goal for the summer. Whether it is replacing some plants that have been looking worn, spending more time relaxing outside, or planning a fun summer barbeque, take time to name and write down the goal in order to make it happen. Figure out what steps will make you successful. For example, if your goal is to spend more time relaxing outdoors, perhaps consider investing in a hammock or comfortable outdoor chair. Be intentional about meeting your goal.

  5. Enjoy the Sun and Exercise - Enjoy the sunshine and physical exercise that comes with working in your garden. After a cold and rainy winter/spring season, remember to appreciate how nice it is to be outside. And use that motivation to make your outdoor space ready for summer.

Investing in your garden during this sunny time of year will help you be more prepared for summer. Being intentional about your goals for how you want to spend those warm months will help you make the most of the nice weather. And being purposeful about keeping your outdoor space organized will allow for more time to enjoy your home.

By Jolene Nanette

Jolene Nannette is a specialist in home efficiency, tackling to-do lists and calming the chaos through home organization.

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