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Farm-to-Table - Live consciously in a wellness lifestyle community: The Cannery

A wellness lifestyle community is a place for individuals who seek to live more consciously, be more in touch with nature, and connect with like-minded people. From early yoga sessions, and eating healthy raw meals to growing your own organic food just next to your house, this type of community is proven to positively affect your body, spirit, and mind. Designing a healthy community means including amenities and features in the conceptual design and development that help support well-being and higher health outcomes for the residents.

The Cannery, located in Davis, CA Photo Credit:

Residents of The Cannery, a sustainable wellness lifestyle community in Davis, California love having their own urban farm!

About The Cannery Community

The Cannery is a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood that is considered to be a wellness lifestyle community due to its unique, sustainable community design. Developed by New Home Company and designed by SWA, The Cannery offers a new alternative to healthier living in Davis, California.

The community focuses on helping residents achieve a wellness lifestyle by connecting the agricultural roots of the adjacent landscape with every single residential home while providing over 28 acres of open space and a recreational system along with locally grown organic food.

Great place for young families, professionals, and seniors that invest in their well-being.

Located on 98.6 acres, The Cannery offers a variety of housing opportunities to welcome all generations: from young couples to seniors, whose main objective of life is to live a healthy, nature-inspired life.

All homes are highly resource efficient, with the majority including rooftop solar systems. The community consists of various parks, buffers, wildlife habitats, multi-use trails, community gardens, and a functioning urban farm. For someone who cares about health and well-being, there is no better feeling than living in an environmentally-friendly community that offers fresh organic food and a variety of parks, where one can truly connect to themselves through the practice of yoga or meditation.

Growing organic food on a 7.6-acre farm

The community’s biggest treasure is the locally produced and organic food they grow on their 7.6-acre farm, which is maintained by the Center for Land-Based Learning - a local non-profit that trains farmers.

Their farm is fertile, generative, and high-yielding, providing an abundance of whole food choices for residents. Much like other Agrihoods, The Cannery emphasizes farm-to-table living in a collaborative setting and provides farming education for the local residents. Taking care of Mother Earth benefits us, and is also a way of saying thanks for all the abundance that she provides to us.

Nothing is fresher than getting your food directly from your own backyard. And since commercial agriculture is becoming more and more toxic every day with its additives and pesticides, this provides a major benefit to residents.

Healthy food options that support the environment and health of the people.

Developers of The Cannery go beyond the typical profit-driven mindset and instead focus on bringing real and long-lasting value to the residents. Healthy living options at The Cannery Community are beneficial in several ways: improving diets, promoting an active lifestyle, and building a community that fosters relationships between the residents.

Solar-powered wellness lifestyle community

Not only does The Cannery community in Davis, CA, provide residents with delicious organic food, but they also use solar power, which has so many advantages for our planet, especially when it comes to our environment:

● reducing greenhouse gas emissions

● improving our air quality

● preserving our precious water

● lowering energy price

● and being independent of fossil fuels.

Both solar power and agriculture anchor the development to the community’s surroundings.

Mindfully planned layout with a linked park/trail network

Each of 550 new homes is located within 300 feet of the linked 28+ acre open space and park/trail network, which makes being active an easy way of life whether you are riding bikes or walking. The Cannery emphasizes wellness and sustainability with on-site energy production, transit service, stormwater cleansing, edible landscaping, water conservation, and landscaping to support pollinators and other beneficial insects and species. Much of the planting in public areas is also drought-tolerant, which is important in California’s climate.

You will love The Cannery!

If the idea of living in a solar-powered community with access to organic food grown in your own backyard sounds like paradise, you’ll love The Cannery, California’s first farm-to-table housing development located in Davis, California. In addition to its organic appeal, all of the homes in The Cannery come with their own 1.5-kW solar system and can be upgraded to net-zero living.

Špela Koželj is an environment and sustainability blog writer.

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