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Conscious Home

Simple Strategies for Sustainable Home Organization

By, Jolene Nannette

When we think of being organized, it’s normally the tangible and visual qualities that come to mind. We picture perfectly coordinated cabinets, drawers without a single item askew, and a pantry full of matching containers. However, being organized can also become a state of mind. With sustainability and conservation on topic this month, there are many ways that being organized and mindful about our planet can lead to a healthier, more efficient home.

Conserve what you can

Water is a precious resource that we often take for granted. One simple way to conserve our water and to benefit your home is by placing a bucket with a comfortable handle in your shower to catch the water while the shower is warming up. You can then use the water in the bucket to feed household plants or soak dirty dishes in the sink.

Be mindful about loading the dishwasher

Make the most out of each run of your dishwasher by loading it in an organized way. Load from the back to the front and rearrange as necessary to fit as many dishes as possible. Always place silverware with the handle down to ensure a full clean. Using your dishwasher effectively uses less water than hand-washing dishes.

Make a habit of turning out the lights

Be mindful of only using lights in the room you are in. Keeping lights off in rooms that are not in use conserves more energy than you realize. Avoid using overhead lights and use timers on lamps to preserve even more energy.

Avoid plastic and use reusable containers

So many food items can be stored in glass or reusable silicon containers, rather than disposable Ziploc baggies. Try using color-coded silicone bags for refrigerated items such as cheese, deli meats, and leftover cut veggies. Use stainless steel lunch containers instead of plastic bags for school lunches. Keep your food storage items organized in one place in your kitchen to promote their use over disposable storage items.

Make recycling convenient

I do not have space in my kitchen for a separate recycle container, but recycling is very important in our home. I reuse the paper bags from the grocery store to collect the recycling items throughout the day and make them easy to place in the proper container, rather than just being thrown into the trash. Remember that plastic trash bags are not recyclable.

There are simple ways to promote organization and be more earth-conscious in your home. Being mindful about the natural resources you are using in your home and taking small steps to change habits can have a huge impact. If you need help getting started or making a plan for a more sustainable home, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Jolene Nannette is a specialist in home efficiency, tackling to-do lists and calming the chaos through home organization.

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