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6 Ways to Bring Wellness Into Your House Design

By, Kate Hamblet

Creating a home that promotes wellness and a healthy lifestyle has become a top priority for many. Incorporating wellness features into your home design not only enhances the quality of life for you but also contributes to a sustainable and mindful living environment. Here are just a few of my favorite wellness features that can transform a house into a haven of health and tranquility.

A Serene Bathroom


Bathrooms don’t need to be big to feel serene and promote well-being. I like to incorporate a few extra touches to a typical bathroom to create a sense of wellness. My favorites are:

  • Investing in a nice shower head such as a rain shower head with good water pressure.

  • Enclosing the shower on all sides so the cold air doesn’t come into the shower.

  • Installing a wall-hung toilet so it’s easy to clean under.

  • Separating the toilet from the rest of the bathroom to keep germs contained.

  • Adding a bidet toilet seat (with a seat warmer is even better!)

  • Using natural materials such as stone and rot-resistant wood as accents combined with natural paint colors like greens and blues.

  • Adding a few plants.

An Indoor Veggie Garden

Incorporating a hydroponic veggie garden inside allows you to grab fresh produce anytime you want it, without the waste of store-bought plastic containers. Lettuce works great for indoor gardening! I recommend storing the garden in a storage room such as a pantry since the grow lights are quite bright and can disrupt your circadian rhythms.

Entryway Organization For Easy Transitions

Before you begin to design your entry area, think about how your family operates when they leave the house and when they come home. Make sure there’s enough storage space for all the belongings that are used throughout the year, room to sit down to put on and remove shoes, and enough open space so people aren’t tripping over each other trying to get out the door.

A Kitchen For Gathering

A wellness kitchen invites multiple people to take part in meal prep and socializing. Having a kitchen island creates a space for people to gather. Including multiple prep zones in your kitchen design allows for family and friends to happily work together to prepare a meal.

Exterior Bike Storage

Making bicycles as easy to access as possible is key to encouraging you to use them. I like to keep bikes outside in a small shed that is dedicated to bike storage and makes it easy to take the bike in and out. Any barriers to ease such as stairs or narrow doors might make you less likely to grab the bike.

Front Yard Gathering Space

Foster a sense of community by creating a welcoming front yard gathering space. Incorporate comfortable seating, greenery, and subtle lighting to encourage neighbors and friends to come together. This promotes social well-being and strengthens community bonds.

Integrating wellness features into your home allows you to create spaces that nurture the physical, mental, and social well-being of you and your family.

There are so many ways to incorporate wellness into your home design, and these ideas are just scraping the surface of what can be done.

To learn about more wellness and sustainable design features, follow me on Instagram @‌balanced_architecture.

The Wellness Architect Balanced Architecture

Kate helps health-conscious families create homes that support and promote health, happiness, and longevity. You'll find her at

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