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50 Wellness Lifestyle Communities to Check Out in 2023

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Wellness in real estate is now one of the key industries within the global wellness economy. Estimated to grow about USD 863.9 billion by 2028, with a compound annual growth rate of approximately 20.70%

Communities are better when intentionally designed for wellness.

The wellness movement is significantly impacting residential real estate. This is because today, people place different values on their homes. Homes are places where we do more than just sleep; they can also be places where people work and exercise. From daily behaviors to lifestyle changes, everything can be influenced by our homes, environment, and our communities.

The largest and most significant investment one can make is a home, particularly when that investment is in our health and well-being. And what families want more than anything else today is "wellness." Apart from a beautiful home, people want more safety, sustainability, a calm workplace, nature, and a sense of community. People are looking for homes and communities that are designed specifically to promote greater physical, mental, and social well-being. Wellness real estate is here to accomplish precisely that, with a greater emphasis on residents' well-being and holistic health in everything from homes and apartment buildings to hotels and work offices.

We are also seeing it in agrihoods and regenerative communities as well. With over 740 wellness lifestyle real estate community developments built and some in development, this number will only keep growing. Wellness-focused residential communities will be all the rage this new year and years to come. We see new design movements, food alternatives and systems, more green and sustainable building movements, and among all of these, planned/wellness communities.

Agrihoods are a type of wellness community that has become increasingly popular in the United States. Families living in agrihood communities have more access to local food production and get to fully embrace a community where its residents share common goals, interests, and experiences. This also includes regen-agrihoods which are essentially communities that revolve around a large regenerative farm. Agrihoods focused on regenerative farming are the perfect communities for families to fully learn the power of soil, farming, and food.

Apart from agrihoods, there are other wellness communities; tiny living is one of them. This kind of community places more of an emphasis on bringing people together that have similar interests and objectives than it does on regenerative farming. Tiny homes provide a straightforward way to live that has less of an impact on the environment, off-grid, and permits people to move around freely. And finally, new urbanism, another planned community that uses a type of design movement that encourages eco-friendly behaviors by developing walkable neighborhoods with a variety of housing and employment options.

Wellness real estate is described as "the construction of residential and commercial/ institutional (i.e. office, hospitality, mixed-use/multi-family, medical, leisure, etc.) properties that incorporate intentionally wellness elements in their design, materials, buildings, amenities, services, and/or programming" by the Global Wellness Institute (GWI).

50 Wellness Lifestyle Communities To Check Out in 2023

Below is a list of various wellness and planned communities from all over the nation. You can learn more about these neighborhoods and the factors that make them attractive to potential homeowners.




















Be on the lookout for wellness lifestyle communities in your area! If you find one, please let us know about it. We are trying to compile a list of them and appreciate your help. Follow us on Instagram @healthyhomemag; send us a DM or email us at, and we may even feature your local community inside the magazine.

By, Sabrina Aguilar In-house writer and Marketing Strategist for WellnessRE™ and HealthyHOME™ Magazines

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