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The only custom-branded magazine that enables you to have more conversations about you and your business.

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Instructions are inside your member portal.  Please watch the short tutorials and have all of your information ready before you begin.

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HealthyHOME™ Custom-Branded Mobile Issue
Create your very own branded digital magazine.
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Use this section to feature anything you like.  It could be your business, a product, your latest "Listing", a current project, or a client testimonial/success story you want to share.  You can also use it to promote a local business that you recommend or anything about your local community that you think your audience would like to know about. 


It will be the same feature article each month until you update it, so for simplicity's sake, try to select an ongoing feature.  If you choose a promotion or a listing, you may want to direct the URL to a page that shows all your latest promos or listings in case this particular offer/home is no longer available.

Tips for a great article:  Think of a hook for the title people need help with and are looking for.  Content, share why you love a product or love a service or love a local business in your community.  

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This is your opportunity to include an offer or a call to action that will appear at the bottom of your mobile issue every month.  Make a coupon on CANVA and upload it below; a rectangle shape of around 1000x700 pixels is a good size. 

It can be a coupon for a local business in your community or a coupon for your services.  If you want to promote a local business, as the owner for a special coupon code so that they will know if people come from you. You can then promote this offer also in your social media and email campaigns!  You can direct them to the offer below.  If you do not have someone to promote, then promote yourself and your business.  Is there a free home guide you could give people? A free download or a discount on your products or services?  Include them below.

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