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Did you know there are Healthy Home Professionals in your area helping people live in a less-toxic, more comfortable and joyful living environment? 

HealthyHOME™ PRO is a community of forward-thinking real estate agents and healthy home experts who provide unique and incredible products and services that help their clients achieve more well-being.


We are thrilled to be able to share their stories with you in our Business Spotlight Series.



Amanda Klecker

Healthy House on the Block
Certified Home Inspector and Founder of Healthy House on the Block
Serving Residents in
healthy house on the block.jpeg
Minnesota and Online
Building Biology Advocate and HealthyHOME™ PRO

(651) 395-7330

Step-by-step guides to help you detox each room of your home are available on my website.

An Interview with


Q1 - Hey!  Thanks for taking the time to be here.  Can you start by sharing a little bit about yourself and your business? 

I'm a building biology practitioner and a healthy home expert helping families create toxin-free indoor spaces by reducing toxins as well as learning healthier home habits and how to make healthy purchases moving forward.

Q2 - Everyone has a creation story to share.  What was the inspiration or reason you decided to do what you do?

As a mom of three, I have always had a love of learning about health and wellness, and I've always had an interest in homes and how they work. Putting these two ideas together was a way I knew I could care for my family. It's difficult to know what to buy when every company tells you their products are the best and they're all toxin free. This is why I decided I would help busy moms navigate all the choices available and create simple strategies to create a healthier home environment.

Q3 - What services do you offer? And why did you choose to offer those particular services? 

I have a Healthy Home Blueprint Course to help homeowners create a plan to reduce toxins in their home; I also have a realtor course to help realtors learn how to help their clients find a healthier home; I offer one on one consultations for anything from toxin removal through new home builds (virtually and locally); and I offer environmental testing (radon, mold, VOC and formaldehyde via mail and in person).

Q4 - Can you recall a challenging client or situation that you were able to fix or overcome?  How did you fix it?

One of my clients had a recent diagnosis of an autoimmune disease and began working with a functional medicine doctor to heal her body. As she did, she learned more about her home and that's when she called me. We went through her home with a fine toothcomb and started ruling out potential sources of toxic burden. After deciding to test a few areas for mold, we found toxic mold in a small area of her bathroom, which was remediated. Through lifestyle changes at home and getting this toxin out of her home, she is now able to heal and has been living life to the fullest.

Q5 - What have you learned about yourself and your business over the years?  How has your business changed to adapt to changing consumer needs?

I've learned that people start their health journeys in many different places and they take many different avenues as they travel. Each family has their own individual needs and each home is unique, making their journey and choices also unique and tailored to each client.

Q6 - Running a business is not always easy.  If you could go back in time what advice would you give yourself?

I would spend less time perfecting the look of things and instead put more information out so it could help more people. I think I'd also remind my younger self that it's okay if not everyone agrees with you or even likes your advice.

Q7- We've all had amazing clients or stories to share that make it all worth it.  Can you share a story about a teammate, vendor or client that really impacted you and touched your heart? 

One of my local realtor clients has not only touched my heart, but has made me think quite often about how I can truly care for my clients while teaching them. She is the kindest person I've ever met and cares so deeply for her clients to make sure the home they get is perfect for them and there won't be difficulties down the road. She always has a smile on her face and is extremely empathetic toward her clients. She really makes me strive to bring the same level of kindness and care to my own clients and audience.

Q8 - If a potential client were reading this article, what would you tell them about you, your team or your business that would convince them to choose you?

The goal of Healthy House on the Block is to meet you where you are. No judgment -- no pushing. Everyone's homes and lives have to fit their specific needs - and going low-toxin or toxin-free is NO exception to that. I want to educate and help with open ears and an open heart to help you live your healthiest life.

Q9 - Fun fact about yourself that people may not know.

Last year, I taught myself how to downhill-ski so I didn't miss out on a girls' ski trip with my mom friends! 😆

Q10 - Where do you see your business going in the next 5 to 10 years?

I would love to continue teaching new homeowners, but on a larger scale and I want to create training courses for realtors to become Healthy Home Certified. I imagine this will create a larger impact and reach more people than ever to create healthy home environments.

We enjoyed learning so much about you and your business.  How can people learn more or get in touch with you?

The best place to get in touch is by going to my website: I have a lot of resources there to help anyone learn simple strategies to create a healthier home.

Thank you so much for being a part of the HealthyHOME™ Business Spotlight! 

Thank YOU

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