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Did you know there are Healthy Home Professionals in your area helping people live in a less-toxic, more comfortable and joyful living environment? 

HealthyHOME™ PRO is a community of forward-thinking real estate agents and healthy home experts who provide unique and incredible products and services that help their clients achieve more well-being.


We are thrilled to be able to share their stories with you in our Business Spotlight Series.



Dee Oujiri

Feng Shui + Wellness
Feng Shui Strategist and MN Licensed Real Estate Professional
Serving Residents in
the Twin Cities and Virtually
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Minnesota and Nationally
International Feng Shui Guild Red Ribbon Professional, Certified Feng Shui Strategist, Certified Reiki Master

(651) 338-4028

Testimonials: "Highly recommend! Great tips, thorough, and helped my home in so many ways! Her wisdom and Feng Shui expertise are on point! A total game-changer for my entire household. I will be using her for any new homes in the future and recommending to my clients!" “Dee does an amazing job! Her intuition and knowledge are spot on! Give her a try and soon you will be living your best life too!​” “Dee is incredibly knowledgeable in feng shui, but most importantly, she made me feel comfortable with my questions and recommended changes that align with my style.” "Since having her to my home and my business, both spaces have elevated and there is a new calm and joy to both! I highly recommend her services!"

An Interview with


Q1 - Hey!  Thanks for taking the time to be here.  Can you start by sharing a little bit about yourself and your business? 

I am a Feng Shui Strategist, Holistic REALTOR®, and Autoimmune Wellness Advocate helping individuals create a balanced and supportive home. I represent the home buying and selling process and work with current homeowners.

I am an Autoimmune Disease Warrior and was blessed to have found Feng Shui. I became an Autoimmune Wellness Advocate with an emphasis on Wellness to help others like me. Every person deserves to live a happy, healthy life. With Feng Shui, I get to help my clients do just that, thrive!

Q2 - Everyone has a creation story to share.  What was the inspiration or reason you decided to do what you do?

I have always loved Architecture and Interior Design. Even at a young age, I was researching Feng Shui and its impact on the home. After I was diagnosed with Autoimmune Disease, I took this love further because I needed to find a way to support my health. So I studied and became a certified Feng Shui Strategist and Reiki Master. Feng Shui provided the tools I needed to create a home that supported my nervous system. As my business grew, I realized Real Estate was a natural fit into my business model, allowing me to help more people.

Q3 - What services do you offer? And why did you choose to offer those particular services? 

I offer in-home and virtual Feng Shui consultations nationwide. Each consultation is confidential and tailored to my client and their needs. My soapbox, providing a tailored consultation is critical. Anyone can use Google and search for Feng Shui, but that is not going to get them the results they need. I use my years of training and experience to create a personalized portfolio of recommendations. And the recommendations are created for each person living in the home; it's not a one size fits all approach.

Q4 - Can you recall a challenging client or situation that you were able to fix or overcome?  How did you fix it?

One of my clients has an autoimmune disease and was looking for ways to manage her health. She heard about Feng Shui and wanted to learn more. After an in-depth consultation, I provided her with a portfolio of recommendations. An example of what we found was the placement of her bedroom was over a garage, and the bed needed to be positioned differently. She always felt like she was floating and was not able to get restful sleep. The situation created uneasiness. We implemented several Feng Shui techniques, and within weeks she began feeling and sleeping better.

Q5 - What have you learned about yourself and your business over the years?  How has your business changed to adapt to changing consumer needs?

There is no "right" time to start your holistic journey. It is all based on individual needs. There is no right time to start a business, but when you do, follow your heart and do something you love. I am constantly evolving my business so I can touch more people. I love to learn and am always studying, especially ancient wisdom as it is relevant to how we approach holistic wellness.

Q6 - Running a business is not always easy.  If you could go back in time what advice would you give yourself?

It is ok to follow your passions and not follow the mold.
Give yourself grace.

Q7- We've all had amazing clients or stories to share that make it all worth it.  Can you share a story about a teammate, vendor or client that really impacted you and touched your heart? 

I have an incredible colleague who always offers kind words and inspiration. I am so blessed to be surrounded by wonderful people who cheer me on and want only to see me succeed. This relationship blossomed, and she has provided me with many out-of-the-box opportunities, including board positions! I am forever grateful to her and my community.

Q8 - If a potential client were reading this article, what would you tell them about you, your team or your business that would convince them to choose you?

I help you thrive.
I am a teacher, a strategist, a partner, and a part of your journey.
The home is an enormous part of our lives. Each person deserves to have a healthy body, mind, and home. Being able to help each client either find their perfect home or tune into their existing home is a blessing.

Q9 - Fun fact about yourself that people may not know.

I love the mountains and have raised an Alpine Racer in the midwest. But I grew up in the corn fields of Iowa!

Q10 - Where do you see your business going in the next 5 to 10 years?

I will continue doing what I love, teaching, coaching, and helping others realize the impact of Feng Shui on the mind, body, and home—assisting each person in finding holistic methodologies to help them thrive.

We enjoyed learning so much about you and your business.  How can people learn more or get in touch with you?

The best place to reach out to me on on my website, there is a contact form. Or if anyone is ready to dive in then you can purchase and schedule your consultation today!
Don't forget to follow me on Instagram for wonderful tips.

Thank you so much for being a part of the HealthyHOME™ Business Spotlight! 

Thank you so much for having me today! It was wonderful!

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