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Agent Spotlight

Did you know that not all agents are alike?  The education and value they provide can vary quite a bit.  If you are looking for a guide who can help you navigate not only the transaction of buying or selling a home, but the process of choosing one that will be healthy for your family, then you need to get to know the wellness agents in our network. 

WellnessRE™ PRO is a community of forward-thinking agents...and they are doing some unique and incredible things for their clients. 


So we are thrilled to be able to share their stories with you in our Agent Spotlight Series.


Ali Al-Asady

Serving Residents in
HomeSmart Elite Group
Realtor, Instructor SA542527000
GREEN, SRS,ePro, EcoBroker, C2EX


This home is a true masterpiece of art, architecture, and wellness. Designed by renowned Southwest Architectural Designer Bob Bacon, it combines stunning design with smart technologies that promote health and comfort while reducing energy consumption. Features include a Fresh Air Mechanical System, Acoustic technology, water conservation, and a smart natural lighting system that utilizes solar energy. This home is a must-see for anyone looking for the ultimate in design and wellness.

An Interview with

Ali Al-Asady

Q1 - Hey!  Thanks for taking the time to be here.  Can you start by sharing a little bit about yourself and your business? 

I am a REALTOR® with HomeSmart, I completed a mastery level of sustainability studies with Ikoloji. I have been working in the real estate industry in the Phoenix area since 2003. and top performer, Diamond Club Award Winner, 2021 NAR evergreen award winner. Also, I am a school administrator/Instructor with Alliance Learning Institute a school that connects the dots between health and home. and consultant for a local high-performance home builder that focuses. My mission is to promote sustainable living and healthier homeownership through education, representation, and marketing

Q2 - I love learning about how people began as a real estate agent because our stories are always so different.  What was the inspiration or reason you decided to get into real estate? 

I love the entire process from planning, blueprinting, construction, and completion of the spaces we occupy. In 1998I began my real estate career as an investor, renovating, managing, and selling my own rental properties. I then transitioned to working as a REALTOR® representing clients, and since focused on promoting sustainability and green thinking in the real estate market in Phoenix, AZ as well as educating others about these topics. This focus aligns with my longstanding personal connection to the earth and the environment

Q3 - What services do you offer? And why did you choose to offer those particular services? 

As a real estate agent with 20 years of experience, I offer a wide range of services to help my clients buy, sell, and manage properties. Some of the services I may offer include:
Evaluate High-Performance Homes and Solar for max selling price
Justify Energy Efficient Features and upgrades
Assist clients in finding rebates for renovation projects, that improve their health
Explain the healthy benefit of energy audit/assessment
Work with builders and developers to train their sales team
Guide clients on None toxic building materials and finishes.

Because there is a lot of misconception about high-performance homes, we offer these services to assist our clients to navigate through the selling process. I had customers come to me because their agent informed them that their owned solar system does not add additional value to the house. I was able to do a cost vs saving analysis in a very simple way for the buyer to understand, ultimately sold the house for a higher price and the seller was very happy.

Q4 - Can you recall a challenging client or situation that you were able to fix or overcome?  How did you fix it?

When Working with buyers I am looking for ways to get my client the best price with the best terms and when working with sellers I am always looking for ways or elements to increase their house value and justify it. One day met my match an agent who do the same for her client. My client made a lower offer on her listing, and quickly a phone call about the offer turned into a shouting match.
In this situation, I was able to overcome the challenge by suggesting we take a break from the negotiation and let our clients make the decision. By removing ourselves from the situation and allowing time for emotions to cool down, we were able to come back to the negotiation with a clear mind and negotiate a fair price that was a win-win for everyone involved. This approach helped to de-escalate the tension and find a mutually beneficial solution.

Q5 - What have you learned about yourself and your business over the years?  How has your business changed to adapt to changing buyer and seller needs?

Mastering every aspect of the real estate industry is crucial for success. This includes staying up to date with the latest technology and social media trends, providing excellent customer service, and making the process as easy as possible for clients. Additionally, building good relationships with clients is important. Being able to connect with them on a personal level, either through video calls or in-person meetings, can be an effective way to establish trust and build a good working relationship.

Q6 - Real estate is not easy.  If you could go back in time what advice would you give yourself?

As a real estate professional, it is important to provide clients with accurate and relevant information to help them make informed decisions. This can include property details, market trends, and any other relevant data. It's important to remember that as a professional, it's not personal and our role is to provide our clients with the information they need, to help them make the best decision. This can include providing both the good and the bad aspects of a property or a neighborhood and explaining their obligation under the purchase contract. This approach helps to establish trust and will be beneficial to our clients.

Q7- We've all had amazing clients or stories to share that make being an agent all worth it.  Can you share a story about a teammate, vendor or client that really impacted you and touched your heart? 

In 1998 I decided to purchase a fourplex, and I asked for recommendations. One person referred me to a Realtor, I asked him how much do you trust her? and he replied " I trust her with my bank account" That statement alone laid the foundation of how I do business.

I also worked with a client who has multiple chemical sensitivities, after looking at every home available that fits her criteria in the location she wanted, there was nothing that fits her needs from a health perspective! As she sensed everything from paint, adhesive, and finishes to dust and cleaning products used.
I recommended that she swap the location for wellness, so I found a LEED-certified home that felt comfortable, energy efficient, and did not contain toxic building materials. She was happy.

Q8 - If a potential client were reading this article, what would you tell them about you, your team or your business that would convince them to choose you?

If a potential client were reading this article, I would tell them that I am an experienced real estate professional who is committed to excellence and dedicated to promoting and protecting their best interests. I am endorsed by the National Association of Realtors for my commitment to excellence (C2EX) and have been in the industry for over 20 years. This experience and knowledge give clients the trust and confidence that they need to know that they will be in good hands. I am an honest professional who deals fairly with all parties involved in a transaction. I am confident that my experience and dedication to excellence will make me an excellent choice for anyone looking to buy or sell a property.

Q9 - Fun fact about yourself that people may not know.

I had an appearance in the movie Three kings with Goerge Clooney..When not working you may find me repurposing an old projector into a table lamp or recycled materials into a water fountain, or exploring my creative side such as painting, video making/editing at home, visiting galleries in Phoenix or Scottsdale, attending multi-cultural events or festivals statewide.

Q10 - Where do you see your business going in the next 5 to 10 years?

In the next 5 to 10 years, I see my business continuing to grow and expand. I plan on implementing new strategies to increase our market share and reach new clients. I also see my business doing more to raise awareness about the connection between home and health.
As the real estate market continues to evolve, I will be staying ahead of the curve by keeping up with the latest trends and technology. I will be exploring new ways to use technology to enhance the home buying and selling experience for my clients.
Furthermore, I will be focusing on providing more value to my clients by providing them with additional services, such as energy audits, health assessments, home staging, home inspections, and other related services that can help them make the most of their money while improving their health.

We enjoyed learning so much about you and your business.  How can people learn more or get in touch with you?

Thank you for having me. People can be in touch with me via
Tele/Text 623-332-4116

Thank you so much for being a part of the WellnessRE™ PRO Agent Spotlight! 

I enjoyed the intelligent conversation, I appreciate your efforts in shedding light on health and Real Estate. Thank you

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